Ticket purchasing for victory members 



The Alamo Drafthouse is an innovative movie theater experience offering a full bar and kitchen, interactive screenings, and a free membership rewards program. Victory members need a clear system on how to purchase tickets, retrieve them, and redeem rewards.

My role as a UX Design student was to research, design, test, and deliver a solution for a service experience problem.

Covern alamo.png


Designing for the whole movie experience

At the beginning of the project, my original hypothesis was to validate if victory members need a way to redeem rewards using the existing mobile app. At the end, I uncovered many challenges that customers face during the overall experience of before, during, and after the movie.



Observing through an ethnographic lense

I interviewed a subset of users which helped to:

  • Identify user archetypes
  • Learn how users made purchases
  • Learn how users browsed movies showings

I observed customers at various Alamo Drafthouse locations across Austin, I found:

  • Majority of users would wait in line to pick up tickets
  • Majority of users would use their credit card at the kiosk to look up and pick up tickets
  • Rewards can only be redeemed with the cashier
  • Difficulty reading menus in the dark


Ideas tailored to the movie experience

During brainstorming and sketching, my research insights helped to identify possible solutions to incorporate within the app such as:

  • Ablity to redeem rewards 
  • Ablity to place a kitchen order 
  • Browse and purchase tickets for upcoming screenings

Interaction design

Kitchen order strategy


  1. Browse Movies, Choose Location, Select Time, Reserve Seating
  2. Proceed to ticket purchase or pre-order food and drink
  3. Scan Digital Ticket at kiosk, Checks user in Checks in kitchen order


  1. Greet and place order if needed
  2. Verification Use paper flag ordering for add ons


  1. Receives receipt push notification to pay bill

Final Design

The new process allows users to scan their ticket code at the kiosk. 

This will notify staff, customers are present can place any kitchen pre-orders.